ok basically i identify as, well, not straight. i don’t particularly like slapping labels on it so i normally identify under the umbrella term of ‘queer’ instead of whatever-sexual.

anyway, my mum’s liberal but in a “oh i don’t mind gay people as long as they’re not my kids” kind of way, which is not her fault, but rather the fault of her parents for sending her to a catholic school and BEING TAUGHT BY NUNS, but today when i was helping her make dinner, she turned to me and said

"you know, i wouldn’t mind if you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, rebecca, as long as you were happy"

i nearly cried, i swear to god, this is so big, you can’t even comprehend how monumental this is, this is the woman who hoped fervently that all this talk of finding girls attractive was “just a phase”

so i said “thanks” in this really small happy voice and continued peeling carrots


April  18   ( 47 )

  1. heavenly-apart said: I’m screaming internally for you. Like, high pitched, I would probably break glass if it actually came out of my mouth kind of internal screaming. <3<3<3
  2. kannibal said: What a lovely thing to say, and to accept! Kudos to your mum! :D
  3. elenorasweet said: I’m so happy for you!! My mother, when my siblings and I were 9, 12 and 15, spoke up while driving to the grocery store: “If anything ever happens to your dad, I might replace him with a woman. Just so you know.” And we unanimously went “Oh. Kay.”
  4. roslagen said: that’s wonderful, i’m so happy for your sake!!!
  5. celendiar said: So happy for you ;3;
  6. wakeupdodo said: ohhh gosh I’m so happy for you! and it’s so nice that she worded it like that ohh man my mum did that to me too ;; I hope this takes a weight off your shoulders
  7. trekyourself said: your mom is the gr8est
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